Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Youth walk against drugs 2007

Here are some pictures (more to come) from the annual "youth against drug walk," which SEVA participated in last year and this year as well.
Around 6:00 AM, Gurujot Singh and Prabhu Singh went to help with the registration and to greet the VIPs.
People organizing the t-shirts early in the morning before the walk.
It was cold and raining so people wore raincoats or panchos.
Efrain, the man who started the walk several years ago.
In the church for the opening prayer. Ek Ong Kar Kaur Ji represented the Sikh community and said an opening prayer as well.
Recognizing the VIPs/faith leaders of the community.
The walk approaching the first stop where the SEVA team set up tables with refreshments.
putting on some of the walk t-shirts and preparing to serve food and water/gatorade to the walkers.
Serving the walkers.
Mehtab Singh Ji who did the whole walk last year and this year.


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