Monday, August 14, 2006

Santo Niño Langar - prep pictures

In our continued efforts to reach out to the community and 'be known for our service,' we decided to serve another langar. There are not many areas in Española that are densely populated. We chose to serve a meal at the Santo Niño trailer park since it is one of the more densely populated areas, and since Prabhu Singh is a neighbor to the area. These are pictures from the Friday night and Saturday morning langar preparations. The langar was held on Saturday July 22nd.

Patwinder Kaur from Mexico putting ghee into the calabacitas with HariBhajan Kaur in the background stirring.
Gurujot Singh and Siri Chand Singh preparing one of the trays of enchiladas.
Daleep Kaur, Saibhang Kaur, and Gurujot Singh chopping.
The youngest member of the crew Patwinder Kaur's daughter, Saibhang Kaur.
Mukhande Kaur stirring mole with Hari Singh and his wife Sita Kaur chopping in the background.
Jagat Singh preparing ghee to be used in the calabacitas (in place of butter).
Patwinder Kaur stirring in the background, Mukhande Kaur stirring in the foreground, and Hari Singh and Gurujot Singh checking the consistency.
Guru Atma Kaur, Daleep Kaur, Gurujot Singh, and HariBhajan Kaur chopping vegetables for the calabacitas.
Early stages of the calabacitas.
Deva Singh cleaning dishes.
Sita Kaur diligently recording our efforts so that they can be repeated.
Mukhande Kaur stirring mole and Prabhu Singh stirring calabacitas.


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