Sunday, May 14, 2006

Española Healing Fair

Once a year we have a healing fair offering lots of different healing modalities to the local Española community. We at S.E.V.A wanted to highlight some of the other Seva that people in our Asharam do. We have acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, herbalists, sat nam rasayan and counselers. All the proceeds go to fund a healing arts building for the Miri Piri Academy.
This is Dr Kartar he's a fiecre frisbee player and a great acupuncturist and healer.
Some different types of healers.
Local guy getting acupuncture.
Jiwan Shakti another fantastic acupuncturist and mother.
Kirn Kaur giving counseling and using herbs to heal.
Deva Singh getting the best massage of the day. Him playing with the kids in the inflatable jumping room.
Patvinder Kaur and her magical healing stones. She's got such a big heart.
Ashram grounds

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Great American Clean-up Day

Saturday was the Great American clean-up Day. SEVA participated in the Española activities. We started by meeting at the Española plaza where we got some trash bags. Then we took the trash bags to the Yogi Bhajan memorial highway where we spent the morning picking up trash. The event started at 8:00 AM and we finished around 1:00 PM.
Deva Singh picking up trash on the Yogi Bhajan memorial highway.
Hari Singh and Gurujot Singh picking up trash. This area had a lot of trash and Hari and Gurujot are getting the last pieces here.

This picture was taken after the area was almost complete. You can see trash here, but it's not even close to the amount that was there originally.
Hari Singh in the foreground and Gurujot Singh in the background.
Burnt spoon used for making drugs.
Needle used for taking drugs.
Gurujot Singh picking up more trash. We found so many beer cans and bottles. It's very typical to find that along our highways.
Hari Singh and Gurujot Singh standing with the mayor of Española, Joseph Maestas. This is after the cleanup day, where people met back at the plaza for lunch. Also participating on this day was Harpal Singh and Prabhu Singh. Sita Kaur was out of town.