Friday, April 21, 2006

More Pictures of the 'No Mas' Walk Against Drugs Event

These new pictures of the "No Mas" Walk Against Drugs event show a little more of how S.E.V.A prepared and show the rest of the pictures of S.E.V.A serving.

Guru Jot Cutting Oranges while Amrit Jot cuts Bananas and Sat Sundri fills cups with Gatorade.

Placing Trailmix into small bags.
The crowd as they approached our first serving spot.

Deva Singh, Sita Kaur, Jagat Singh and Hari Arti, serving walkers.

Serving a few of the people at the end of the line .
This kid was riding with the fire department and gathered some refreshments for them and other emergency service workers.Setting up at the second location.

Guru Jot serving and many people enjoying oranges.
Cups were constantly being filled and new fruit being cut to meet the needs.
Serving more fruit and gatorade to grateful walkers.

This is Hari Singh and Mukta Kaur with Marlo Martinez a Probate Judge for Española.
The walkers as they departed the second stop.


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