Friday, April 07, 2006

More from the walk against drugs

After serving refreshments to the walkers we went ahead of them to try and serve the rest of the remaining refreshments. There was another place where people had set up refreshments. It was in the parking lot of a local church which also had places for people to use the restroom.
Preparing for the walkers to arrive. Pictured here are Mukta Kaur, Gurujot Singh, and Amritjot Singh.
Haribajhan Kaur and Sita Kaur serving gatorade and other refreshments.
Amritjot Singh, Haribajhan Kaur, and Hari Singh are serving gatorade to the walkers.
Serving more Gatorade.
Parking lot where walkers took a break.
Amritjot Singh and Hari Singh talking refreshments to the walkers.
Picture of some of the walkers.
The stone wall where we set up our temporary operations.
Two of the Sikh walkers, Joginder Singh and Mehtab Singh.
Another picture of some of the walkers.
Prabhu Singh talking to Dennis Salazar who is a member of the Española City council. Prabhu has spoken to him before about community projects. After this encounter Dennis introduced Prabhu to the mayor of Española and to the head of the school board. The mayor informed Prabhu that his office maitains a list of volunteers. SEVA feels that it is important to maintain contacts with community and political leaders and hopes that these contacts will help us to serve the community more in the future.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wicked stuff!!

Big up to Prabhu Singh, bhaji looks wicked in bana representing the Khalsa :)


UK Vala Singh

4/11/2006 04:38:00 AM  

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