Monday, March 27, 2006

Tree Planting at the Gurdwara

SEVA ordered 8 trees to plant in and around Española. We received the trees last week and planted them this past weekend. The first tree to be planted was at the Gurdwara. We planted jujube trees which are also known as 'ber' trees in India.
They are tall bare-root trees. Here are the trees in the back of the truck with mulch, a couple shovels and a hoe.
Akal, Gurujot and Sita are digging.
Picture of the location of the jujube in relation to the entrance of the Gurdwara.
Akal, Gurujot, and Hari getting ready to put the tree in.
Akal standing next to the competed tree with a ring of mulch around it.


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