Thursday, March 30, 2006

Peace on Earth - Interfatih Cooperation

One of the very sacred sites of Northern New Mexico is El Santuario de Chimayo. This is the site of the largest pilgrimage in the United States every Easter, which brings people from all over the Southwest on foot to this chapel. The SEVA team was very pleased to have the opportunity to plant two trees at this sacred site. After the trees were planted we asked Father Julio to lead a prayer for the trees. After that Father Julio stood with us as we said a Sikh Ardaas (prayer). As with the other locations we planted Jujube trees, which, after establishing their roots, are very hardy trees that flourish in the sun and with little water (perfect for the high desert climate in which we planted the trees). With the support of the community these trees will flourish and provide sweet fruit for the pilgrims of this holy site.
Father Julio with the SEVA team behind one of the newly planted trees.
Father Julio in the foreground, Hari Singh in the background with mulch to add to the base of the tree.
A picture of one of the two bare-root trees that were planted at El Santuario de Chimayo.
Finishing with the tree planting.
Filling in the hole where the tree was planted.
El Santuario de Chimayo.
Sita Kaur and her husband Hari Singh digging a hole for one of the trees.

El Santuario de Chimayo

Entering El Santuario de Chimayo after planting some trees.
Sitting inside the chapel.
Community members praying.
Location where people gather the holy dirt which is considered to have miraculous healing powers.
Picture from last November when the SEVA team took the extra food they had prepared to this location to share with the community.

Tree Planting at the John Hyson Center

The community center (which is a former school) where we did our first langar program was one of the places chosen to plant a tree.
Gurujot Singh and Deva Singh in the foreground, Sita Kaur in the background.
Prabhu Singh digging.
Checking the roots.
Hari Singh putting water in the hole that was just dug.
SEVA team and Ray Chavez, director of Interfaith LEAP. Ray Chavez is very active in the community and has been instrumental in several of our seva efforts.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tree planting at Valdez Park

Kudos to Hari Singh for planting this tree by himself.
The Valdez park is probably the most popular park in Española it is the site of the Spaña Palooza event which SEVA participated in last year. Last year they handed out jujubes to people who really enjoyed them. This year they may be growing on this tree during the Spaña Palooza event in the fall.

Tree planting at the new Sombrillo Elementary school

Akal and Hari putting in one of the new trees. A view of the new school. There's no vegetation there (maybe some native grasses) and so these trees will add some life and in the fall when school starts at the new school there should be fruit for the children.
Gurujot and Akal digging the hole for a second tree.
Doing an ardaas for the newly planted trees. We did an ardaas for each site that we planted trees.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Tree Planting at the Gurdwara

SEVA ordered 8 trees to plant in and around Española. We received the trees last week and planted them this past weekend. The first tree to be planted was at the Gurdwara. We planted jujube trees which are also known as 'ber' trees in India.
They are tall bare-root trees. Here are the trees in the back of the truck with mulch, a couple shovels and a hoe.
Akal, Gurujot and Sita are digging.
Picture of the location of the jujube in relation to the entrance of the Gurdwara.
Akal, Gurujot, and Hari getting ready to put the tree in.
Akal standing next to the competed tree with a ring of mulch around it.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Latest happenings

S.E.V.A. has been on a bit of a hiatus for several reasons. A new development is that our board is now five memebers and not six. S.E.V.A. would like to recognize Rion Lyle, who has moved, for serving on the board and we hope he does well in his future endeavors.
Three of the members of the board were in India for the month of December. However, the remaining members of S.E.V.A. assisted in providing meals at two separate functions, for which there may be future pictures here. Two more board members were travelling during January and then February. And a few situations requiring immediate attention have also kept us busy. Despite, we have individually participated in a few small scale seva projects in the last few months.
Last night we held our first meeting in a number of weeks in which we discussed several topics. We discussed future langar projects, including one scheduled for this month. We also discussed projects involving planting trees, which were ordered in the fall and will be available this month. We also discussed other future seva projects in which we will organize and participate.
It is our intention that we will update this blog with pictures from the larger events that we organize in the future.

Pictured here is the board at our meeting last night.