Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Habitat for Humanity

This month's seva was with Habitat for Humanity. We went at 9:00AM on Saturday and helped with the current project.
View from the house that's being built.

The exterior is nearly complete.
The interior walls.
Hari setting up a step ladder.
Hari measuring the roof so that we can install drywall.
Rion and others working on some panneling for the roof.
A couple students were doing a film project and came to interview some people and film some people.
Deva measuring and marking a piece of drywall.
Newly installed drywall. Thanks to the SEVA team.
Deva carrying some drywall.
While working on drywall, Prabhu got a photo of Rion doing work outside.
Prabhu putting in some screws to install the drywall.
Plumbing for the bathroom.
Hari putting some screws in the drywall.
Deva talking to the project lead, Steve.
Some other volunteers.
Rion didn't know I caught him on his phone, while working.
Deva with a screw in his mouth.
Deva and Steve installing some trim.
About to cut some material for the roof.
Another view from near the house.