Monday, October 31, 2005

S.E.V.A.'s first langar program

The Sikh Española Volunteer Association is committed to helping those who are need in our local community (Española and the surrounding areas) and to raising awareness about the Sikh community. In the spirit of the Sikh tradition of Langar (community kitchen) in which all people share a meal together regardless of religion, race, culture, gender, or social standing, the Sikh Española Volunteer Association worked to prepare a meal to share with the local community. We teamed up with Interfaith L.E.A.P. (Leadership Empowerment for All People) to hold a meal at the John Hyson Family Resource Center in Chimayó. This meal was the first of its kind.
A group of Sikhs worked at the Gurdwara's kitchen starting on Friday evening to prepare the meal. We chopped vegetables and cooked beans. The next morning, Saturday October 29th, volunteers got together to finish preparing the meal. We made enchiladas (Mexican/Spanish casserole), beans (frijoles), and Spanish rice. After the meal was prepared we loaded the food into several cars and said a prayer for the success of the meal.
At the John Hyson center S.E.V.A. served meals for a couple hours. We encountered a smaller number of people than we were expecting. When we packed up there was still plenty of food left. A few of the volunteers then took the majority of the extra food to the Santuario de Chimayó, a local church that is very well-known and has many visitors and pilgrims on any day of the week. After a few hours at this location much of the food was distributed and the day was complete.
We our pleased with the process and result of our first endeavor to serve a community meal. S.E.V.A. looks forward to continuing with our resolve to help the local community and to serve meals in the spirit of the Sikh tradition.


Blogger allegrina said...

It is great to read this kind of things... and have some Chilean words in my blog....
mi inglés escrito no es muy bueno, peor al menos puedo entender lo que escriben....
Que alegría contactar con gente de habla "hispana" jajaja
Bueno, espero seguir en comunicacion con ustedes!!!
And you can write in english or spanish... me las arreglo!!! hahaha
y espero sigan con ese hermoso trabajo


11/15/2005 07:00:00 PM  

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