Monday, October 31, 2005

Saturday morning prep work

Pavitar Kaur (foreground) and Sat Gur Prasad Kaur (background) frying tortillas for the enchiladas.
Hari Singh frying tortillas for the enchiladas. Patwinder Kaur and Sat Sundri Kaur discussing the preperation of the rice.
Fried tortillas.
Gurujot Singh (left) and Sat Sundri Kaur (right).
Sita Kaur washing dishes.
Gurujot Singh and Deva Singh preparing enchiladas while Pavitar approaches to help.

Prabhu Singh and Deva Singh reading their banis in the Gurdwara while waiting for the enchiladas to cook.
Nirmal Singh using a big blender on the beans.
Patwinder Kaur (the main chef) giving some direction to Guru Jot while Nirmal Singh mashes the beans.
Hari Singh stirring the beans, while Sat Sundri attends to the rice.
Prabhu Singh stirring the beans. The beans are being heated so that moisture might evaporate.
Gurujot Singh and Prabhu Singh stirring the beans.
Doing an ardaas in the parking lot where we've loaded the food, so that we have success in our service.


Blogger Sifar said...

Excuse me, but can't help noticing Pavitar Kaur making Langar bare headed and on top of that she is standing in the Aardaas bare head as well.

Bhul Chuk De Khema...

7/12/2006 05:48:00 AM  

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